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Author Topic: After about seven years of raiding, Aftermath puts away it's epic gear.  (Read 1778 times)


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Aftermath has stopped 25 man raiding.  For a brief explanation, we've seen increasingly difficult times in recruiting and retaining highly skilled players for the level of progression we expect for a guild such as this.  On top of that, for the past couple years the guild has been led by a loose coalition of some of our best, who were never meant to be thrust into the burden of leadership.  This only compounded our recruitment problems and with most of these officers now moving on to real life with no viable replacements to lead the guild, we have ceased 25 man raiding. 

We wish all our current members the best of luck in finding a new guild should they wish to continue raiding.  All past and current members still have our website community and Ventrilo server to utilize and stay in touch.

From me personally, I'd like to thank all the people I've raided with and had the pleasure to lead during my 4-5 years with the guild.  We had good and bad times and I'm glad to have spent them with you all.  From those of us heading off to more real life obligations.......